Reception Card
This enclosure lets guests know the details of your reception and is especially useful when the reception is held at a location other than the ceremony. It is no longer acceptable to invite some guests to the ceremony only. Also, if your event will not include a full meal, it is courteous to inform your guests with phrasing such as “… and afterward for light hors d’oeuvres and cocktails,” instead of the more vague “… and afterward at the reception.”
     Map Card
This enclosure provides a map and driving directions for attending guests. Add some points of interest for a charming and helpful touch (parks, shopping malls, great restaurants, etc.).
     Accommodations Card
This enclosure is used to provide basic information on recommended hotel accommodations. Locate three hotels with varying price ranges near the reception site and include contact information for each.
     Website Card
It is acceptable to put the web address (URL) for your wedding website on your invite, as long as you place it in the lower left corner or other inconspicuous area of the invitation. It is better, however, to avoid a crowded invitation by moving the information to a separate enclosure card. Here you can provide a few details about your site, rather than just the URL.
     At Home Card
This enclosure lets guests know how to contact you and how to address you (hyphenated last name, etc.) after the wedding. It is also acceptable to include your cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses, if you wish.
     Other Enclosures
Often times wedding-related events are planned (rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding golf outing, post-wedding brunch, gift opening, etc.). These events should always be noted on separate cards, never included on the actual wedding invitation.
     Thank You Notes
Use your actual guest list when you start opening gifts; list each gift received next to the giver’s name and address. Doing so makes sending thank you notes a breeze!