Response Card
  • Any of the following abbreviations is acceptable: RSVP, R.S.V.P., r.s.v.p., R.s.v.p.
  • Writing out the request is also acceptable.
    Examples: The favour of a reply is requested; Please respond on or before
  • If you’re enclosing a printed respond card and self-addressed, stamped envelope, it is unnecessary to indicate “RSVP” on the invitation itself.
  • Respond cards keep wedding invitations neat and uncluttered. Refrain from putting RSVP requests on wedding invitations, but if you must, have it printed in the lower left corner of the invite.
  • If you prefer replies be sent to an address other than the return address on the envelope, or if you want to include an e-mail address or phone number as alternate RSVP methods, add that information below your RSVP request.
    Example:     RSVP
    1120 Opportunity Drive
    Saint Louis, Missouri 63101
    or (314) 555-0987