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Colors are often used to bring definition, make a statement or convey meaning, and sometimes they do so without intention. As a bridal couple, choosing your wedding colors may be as simple as opting for your favorites, but what do those colors define? Continue reading to see what these colors represent, the feelings associated with them and what they may symbolize when used in the wedding arena.
Red represents passion and energy. It’s an exciting and stimulating color that demands attention wherever it is found. By using the color red in your wedding, you’re showing that you are passionate and unafraid to make a bold statement.

Green represents new growth and nature. It is often associated with rebirth; think of spring when the grass starts bringing color back to nature. By using the color green in your wedding, you’re letting guests know just how much you are looking forward to your wonderful new beginning.

Pink represents vitality and youth. It is a happy and innocent color. By using the color pink in your wedding, you are delivering a message that is both feminine and pretty.

Blue represents tranquility. It spreads a calm and peaceful feeling across a room full of guests and gives brides and bridesmaids a look of serenity. By using the color blue in your wedding, you are providing a relaxed atmosphere for your guests.

Yellow represents true happiness. It is a color that oozes with joy; like the contagious effect of a smile. By using the color yellow in your wedding, you’ll feel as if happiness follows you wherever you go.

Purple represents nobility and luxury. It is a color that was rare in historic times, and only the wealthy could afford it. By using the color purple in your wedding, you will surely sense its rich qualities and you’ll definitely feel like a queen for the day!

Orange represents warmth and comfort. It is also a spirited and motivating color. By using the color orange in your wedding, you will allow your guests to feel at ease with their surroundings.

Taupe represents sophistication and elegance. It is a popular choice for style-savvy brides. By using the color taupe in your wedding, you’re saying you’ll stop at nothing to achieve a crisp, tailored look.

Silver/Gray/Platinum represents composure and grace. These three colors are refined colors. By using the color silver/gray/platinum in your wedding, you are showing a polished, ”got it together” kind of feel.

Brown represents comfort. It conveys a warm and cozy feeling; think of natural wood grain and beautifully stained furniture. By using the color brown in your wedding, guests will feel soothed. Because of this comfortable setting, they may not want to leave!

Black represents formality. It is elegant, strong and very sophisticated. By choosing the color black for your wedding and pairing it with traditional white, you can achieve the fantastic look of a black-tie affair.

White represents tradition. In the past it symbolized purity and virtue, but today it has come to mean clean, crisp and luxurious. By choosing the color white for your wedding you can’t go wrong; it’s a timeless classic.

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